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  • We believe there is only one true God, revealed in three distinct persons in one divine being. The Father created us, the Son redeemed us and the Holy Spirit sanctifies us.
  • We believe God created the world out of nothing by his almighty Word over a period of six, natural days.
  • We believe the Bible is inspired or "God-breathed" and wholly true. It is the Book above all books.
  • We believe that by a miracle of the Holy Spirit, the eternal God received a body in the virgin Mary. The name, Jesus, means "Savior." Jesus came to save all people form sin, death and eternal punishment. All who believe in Jesus alone receive forgiveness and eternal life.
  • We believe that God works through means to give His gifts of grace to people. These means of grace are the Word (Bible) and Sacraments (Baptism and Lord's Supper). Through these means God gives forgiveness of sins, new power for daily living and the hope of eternal life.
  • We believe that God comes to us to give His gifts of grace each time we gather in His house of worship. As we come to worship and receive from God, we then have the opportunity to give back to God in our prayers, praises, and offerings.
  • We believe that there will be a Last Day when Jesus will return to judge all men. On that day there will be only two groups of people - those who placed their faith solely in Jesus for salvation and eternal life and those who rejected God's gracious invitation to trust Jesus for salvation and eternal life. Jesus will gather up those who believe and take them to heaven, and unbelievers will suffer punishment for eternity.